About David


It’s all about the story …

When I was a newspaper reporter and a co-worker left to take a job in public relations, we used to say he or she “went over to the dark side.” To us seekers of truth, PR folks were the spin doctors, sleazy manipulators of fact who presented their company brochures and talking points as breaking news. We, on the other hand, were storytellers.

So, when I made the career change from journalism to public relations, I was relieved to learn I didn’t have to leave my soul at the door. Whether I wrote a new product announcement, an online blog on fire safety or a by-lined article on protecting your fine art investment, every word was backed by facts and a compelling angle for the readers.

In short, I was a storyteller.

Everyone has a story to tell, and for every story, there is an audience. My resume tells the story of my work history, and some of my work samples are online.

David Hilgen | davidhilgen@yahoo.com | 908.303.4002

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